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Benefit Plan Administration

The decision to outsource your Flexible Benefits Administration to a Third Party Administrator (TPA) or perform the work internally can be a tough one. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Evaluating the options for a TPA whom you can outsource the administration to or acquire a software system to administer the plan internally, typically means you will need to look at providers who operate in two very separate and distinct arenas - that is, until PowerFlex.

PowerFlex - Benefit Plan Administration with the Power of Choice

PowerFlex is a unique benefits administration company because we provide you with both options! You can leave the work to us when you outsource your plan administration to our PowerFlex TPA (Third Party Administration) Services, or you can choose to administer your plan internally using PowerFlex Flexible Benefits Administration Software.

The Best of Both Worlds

PowerFlex has a long history in working with and understanding the intricacies of benefit plan design and administration. PowerFlex was originally established as a benefits software provider in 1990. Over the years, we’ve grown and evolved into both a benefits administration system and benefits administration services provider. We are constantly striving to further enhance our technological capabilities to make benefit plan administration more efficient and cost effective – with an unwavering commitment to the highest standards in customer service and satisfaction.

At PowerFlex, we specialize in Consumer Directed Healthcare (CDH) plan designs which include FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, and qualified Transportation Plan. We have both the expertise and the technology solutions to either administer the plan for you or provide you with a robust platform to do the administration yourself. The choice is up to you. No other benefit plan administration provider gives you the flexibility and control available with PowerFlex.

Whether you start with PowerFlex TPA or PowerFlex Software, the transition from outsourcing your administration to in-house administration is quick and seamless. There are no re-enrollment headaches, no loss of historical information, and no delays in administration. Plus, you have the power to change your mind at any time and switch to the administration option which meets your organization’s needs the best.

Power, Flexibility, Choice – it’s all yours with PowerFlex!

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